4 Australian Life Insurance Myths Debunked

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Just the household breadwinner needs Life insurance policy

It’s quite easy to assume that this view, however the financial costs related to all Home Duties based spouses are much greater than you think. The costs of day care, child minding services for outside of school hours, house cleaning, meal preparation as well as transporting the kids to school and sports events can be significant when calculated on an yearly basis.


My claim will not be paid

Australian Life insurance businesses cover all genuine claims as fast as possible.


Life insurance can seem confusing, however it truly is simple.

Life insurance relates mostly to Death pay, however in addition the contracts may also include things like Total and Permanent Disability cover, Trauma cover, and Income Protection cover.  A provider like I-Select makes this process as simple as possible.


Life insurance between Death only cover is extremely simple — if you should die, the insurance company will pay the sum insured under the policy on satisfactory proof of death. To ensure there are no delays with payment, all of the questions within the Application Form have to have been answered correctly. Life insurance contracts normally incorporate just one standard exclusion (i.e., suicide in the first 13 months of the coverage commencing). Other exceptions may be applied specifically to a customers based on their personal health and pastimes conditions at the time of their assessment of the Application.


I am better off investing my money than purchasing Life insurance

Until you’re in the enviable position where all of your obligations are paid and your family members can maintain a comfortable lifestyle if you were no longer around, you ought to have Life insurance in place to protect your loved ones. The best financial planning includes investment in developing assets, such as money, shares and property, balanced with protection from sudden and significant losses, as supplied by Life insurance.