Do Australians celebrate Christmas

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It is an interesting thing to imagine people that live in the Southern hemisphere celebrating Christmas: we associate Christmas with cold weather, blankets of snow, and staying cooped up at home with a mug of hot chocolate; but of course, this is not possible in the Southern hemisphere: so what do they do to celebrate?

Do Australians celebrate Christmas?

Well, of course, they do! Christmas has become a worldwide tradition thanks to the influence of American popular culture and it is celebrated all over the world, even in countries where the majority of the population is not Christian!

Christmas is celebrated similarly as it is in the United States, making some swaps to account for the weather, of course: no sledding down a snowy mountain while wearing your most cozy winter coat, we still sing carols by the candlelight, window shop, and watch the beautiful Christmas decorations in the department stores’ windows, we eat Christmas cookies and we decorate the tree with our families just like any other family in the Northern hemisphere would!

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