How To Make A Case For Your Funko Pops in Australia

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Funko is best known for its stylized plastic figures commonly referred to as Pops. The company holds over 1000 licenses from sports characters to the stars of The Teletubbies. They also pocket half the profits through popular series such as Star Wars, Disney and Harry Potter. If you are looking forward to making a case for your vintage pops this is the article for you.


How to make a case?


Best Funko pop cases has become a lifestyle choice in Australia and the case is a perfect way to display in the offices, kid’s rooms or shops. It is time to say goodbye to fortune-telling displays, stainless steels, and dusky desk units forever. From horror to science-fiction and beyond, one can easily make a new range of custom-designed cases through the Pop vinyl display cases.


The production process of a case depends on thorough research into the market. Cases based on franchises like Disney, Star Wars and Marvel are usually produced in thousands of numbers and end up on Walmart and Amazon’s online websites. Smaller cases are usually generated in smaller lots and distributed mainly through public gatherings or shop dealers.


When the cases are “in-mold” state, Funko will acquire all the labeling elements needed for the packaging and licensing which requires approximately 30 to 45 days. Then another community of designers produces the art of packaging the cases through a specific approval process. These are well decorated and wrapped at the same factories that manufacture the Funko Pops.




It is not difficult to make a difference so pop enthusiasts are discovering a cooler way to showcase their prized assets. It is high time for them as they are giving a unique look to pops through the vinyl cases and displaying the pint-sized collection to the world.