What can you achieve with social media marketing?

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When starting your own business or trying to sell a product or service, you might ask yourself “what can you achieve with social media marketing?” The answer to this question is quite simple. Social media marketing is not only very advantageous to you as the vendor but practically essential in our modern digital world. In fact, social media is even more important today than it was twenty years ago when a website that was ideally indexed by a search engine would have been enough. Today, social media is arguably more important than the main website of your business as more and more internet users prioritize social media over traditional home pages. That is why it is important to become familiar with the tips, tricks, and strategies behind social media marketing so that your business, product, or service has the largest presence possible on the internet. If you are successful in social media marketing, you will significantly increase your chances of returning larger profits.



Not all social media operates in the same manner. Some social media websites are more geared towards brand awareness. On platforms such as Facebook, you can create pages that people can follow, leave comments and reviews on and share. You can think of such pages as a second home page for people that are not likely to find your brand through a traditional search engine. This allows you to spread awareness of your brand within the social media network and offers potential customers a convenient method by which they can contact you. Other social media websites are more suited to sharing media such as pictures or videos. Through websites such as Instagram, you can share high-quality pictures of your products. On platforms like YouTube, you can share introductory videos describing the benefits of services and the features of your products. Potential customers like photos and video because they get to quickly see the product without having to take the time to read a long product description with technical language. There are also social media platforms such as Twitter that are designed for sharing regular news updates. Some customers will want to keep track of the growth of your business and any new products or services that you are offering. A news feed is a way of sharing this information to your customers quickly and concisely. Social media management by Codi Agency marketing has the power to take the central message of your business’ brand and proactively share it with the world.