Common Pests in Adelaide

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Adelaide is a capital city with a large population thus inhabited with numerous troublesome pests. Most of the house small pests are harmless unless when disturbed they can fight back. House pests are likely to transmit the disease to humans by contaminating or damaging human items such as food and water.  To find if you have issues with your home, we recommend getting a reliable building inspection in adelaide.

Some of the most common house pests in Adelaide are:

They are the most common arthropods and known for their destructure nature attacking wooded structures around the house. They can destroy the whole building within a short period of time thus in case you came across termites around your home you should contact pests specialized to mitigate the risks caused by terminates immediately. Termite control schedule involves inspection of the extensive damages caused thus correctly determining the amount of the control chemicals to be used.

Spiders are considered dangerous insects to the extent of causing death or suffocation when they bite people. Some spiders are very poisonous but generally, such venom is into contested to cause human death unless in case of the high amount being injected to an individual. Most spiders weave their webs around the corners of the house and the cracks where temperatures are relatively warm. Always remove wall cracks to ensure that spiders don’t colonize your house. Call pests control specialist to use the pests control chemicals.

The humid and warm temperature of Adelaide makes the flies thrive well. They invade pets like dogs, cats and even home bird. They can spread to humans if their population is quite large. Pest control; specialized will use the appropriate chemicals to kill them and their eggs.

Mice and Rats
These rodents will hide in holes around the house and even to the within the house. They can contaminate foodstuff and even cause damages. Homes without dogs or cats are likely to have these rodents. Rodents control chemicals will kill this pest if these chemicals are used appropriately.