How To Start Your Own Panel Beating Shop

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Panel beating shops are one of the most popular family owned businesses in Australia. Many families and individuals make money by repairing cars with dents and scratches, beating the panel back into shape. The panel is then painted to cover scratches. So a large number of individuals who are interested in vehicles like cars and repairing them would like to find out how to start your own panel beating shop, so that they can consider starting their own business. Some tips on starting a panel beating business are provided below, though it also depends on where the business is located.

First the business founder should assess the demand for panel beating, based on the demand for vehicle repairs in the area. Then based on the demand, they should finalize a location for the business. It is important to ensure that it is not close to another shop offering similar services, since it may be difficult to get customers. Then the business founder should purchase the tools, equipment and supplies required like the different kinds of hammers, mallets, screw drivers, paints required for the repairs. Initially the founder can purchase only basic tools, and get more equipment as the business grows.  Sometimes, business can boom quickly, like in the case of Melbourne’s David Deicke.

After all the tools are acquired, and premises are rented, the business owner, should get staff who will do the work. In some cases, the business owner may have worked as a mechanic, and will prefer to do the work himself, reducing the expenses. He can then advertise his panel beating services using the different options available, so that vehicle owners and users are aware that he is offering the services. Like many other startup businesses, he should consider offering lower rates than the market rates for beating the car panels into shape, so that customers are willing to try his services to save some money, though they have not used it before.