Know what are butterfly prawns and how to prepare the dish.

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When you are looking for the most popular prawn recipe then butterfly prawns are known to be the best recipe that you will come across as it can be used as an appetizer and main dishes. Therefore, you will need to know what are butterfly prawns so that you can relish the taste of this dish where you need to search for the largest prawns. This is also known as the simplest yet the most delicious prawn recipe that you will come across and preparing them is also very easy as you will need a few minutes to prepare this dish within a short span of time.

Shop for battered Butterfly prawns today is a recipe that involves cutting king prawns half length ways and flattening the prawns so that it can easily be barbecued or grilled for getting the desired taste, flavor and look. This hot and spicy recipe is a delight for people who love relishing on seafood as this prawn recipe can easily be cooked in a matter of few minutes so that you will get the desired outcome. Preparing and cooking butterfly prawns is no longer very difficult because it is a relatively very easy recipe and you will need to keep the prawns dipped in marinade so that it is give an even coating to the prawns.


Butterfly prawns is the name given to the dish because it is process that involves slicing a fish or prawns horizontally and deep fry in oil for getting a perfect golden brown color to the dish. Additionally, it is used as appetizers in parties or main dishes according to the preferences of the host for creating a perfect dish for any occasion. Prawns can be coated in garlic, ginger, wine, soy sauce and salt before dipping in corn flour and bread crumbs so that it offers a perfect taste to the dish in the best possible manner.